Sports & Therapeutic Massage

Do you suffer from muscle tension or soreness, or postural problems?

Let me help you train or exercise at your most effective.



Sports and Deep Tissue Massage is not just for those who do sport, however if you are engaged in any sport either professionally or as a leisure pursuit then it is highly recommended. Importantly it can provide an early warning to the risk of potential injury but also help you to train and exercise at your most effective. It is beneficial both pre and post exercise but research has shown that post sport or exercise it is highly effective to reduce pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue. It is also highly beneficial in the treatment of repetitive strain injuries such as carpel tunnel, tennis elbow and frozen shoulders. It has also proved valuable in the relief of Sciatica, ITB issues and knee problems. Sitting or standing for long periods can be very wearing on the body causing imbalances. These can be aided and treated with Sports Massage.

Sports Massage has a wide range of benefits including breaking down adhesions and/or scar tissue.  It works by increasing oxygen and nutrient supplies to the muscles and by generating heat in the tissues, increased blood flow and metabolic rate. It can also relieve or reduce swelling and improve flexibility and the conditions of the joints. 

After sports and along with all the above benefits, a tailored deep tissue massage will reduce tension, relieve or reduce swelling, speed up Venous and lymphatic drainage and increase the permeability of cell membranes.

I am able to draw on my extensive anatomy and physiology knowledge and Personal Training skills to provide a continued treatment plan for you, of exercises and stretches to aid and keep the body functioning as effectively as possible.



Sports Massage

Sports specific or deep tissue massage

Reasons and benefits for a sports massage:

  • Breaking down adhesions and/or scar tissue

  • Improving flexibility and conditions of joints

  • Increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to muscles

  • Reducing pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue

  • Generation of heat in the tissues thereby increasing blood flow and metabolic rate

  • Providing an early warning to risk of potential injury

  • Speeding up venous and lymphatic drainage

  • Increasing the permeability of cell membranes


Onsite workplace massages available.


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic / Holistic massage including:

  • Back, neck and shoulder

  • Full body

  • Targeted area or lymphatic drainage

Reasons and benefits for a therapeutic massage:

  • Enhancing general well-being

  • Improving skin and muscle tone

  • Reducing tension and aiding relaxation. Creating an awareness of muscle tightness and muscle holding patterns

  • Increasing postural awareness

  • Promoting vigour and increasing energy

  • Aiding digestion and relieving constipation

  • May reduce blood pressure

  • Softening and reducing fatty tissue

  • Increasing circulation

  • Relieving or reducing areas of swelling



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