What I Can Offer You



60 minutes. I teach Stott Pilates which is a contemporary adaptation of the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. It has been adapted bio mechanically with the collaboration of fitness, sports and physical professionals. It was a natural progression of my existing work and love of anatomy and physiology.


Sports & Therapeutic Massage

Not just for those who do sport, if you are engaged in any sport either professionally or as a leisure pursuit then either Sport or Therapeutic Massage is highly recommended. Importantly, it can provide an early warning to the risk of potential injury but also help you to train and exercise at your most effective. Other benefits include treatment for muscle pains, reducing swelling, reducing tension and many more.

Personal Training

60 minutes. Aiming to help you learn, what works for you, not just telling you what to do. Implementing a plan that both myself and you the client believe is realistic and achievable.

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Wellbeing & Health

Many people could benefit from an informed, but sympathetic and personal consultation on various aspects of their lifestyle and nutrition, which have an immediate impact on their sense of well being.

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Reiki Healing

60 minutes. Developed nearly a hundred years ago. Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. As an attuned healer I carefully place my hands over the body from head to feet to promote physical and / or mental healing. The client is fully clothed and it is extremely relaxing.